Currie Technologies eZip 500 Electric Scooter Review

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The Currie Technologies E-zip 500 electric scooter is a battery power motor vehicle used mostly for enjoyment purposes by various people. It is an ideal vehicle to travel short distances in the neighborhood while people of all ages can potentially benefit from this very entertaining ride.

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The e-zip electric scooter has a battery powered engine and steady acceleration which can be generally handled by any average user of sound body. The minimum age to get on this vehicle is probably fourteen while teenagers would really find this very intriguing as this type of vehicle offers the excitement and fun kids are usually looking out for.

e-Zip E500 Electric Scooter Features

The Currie Technologies E-zip 500 scooter is operated by a built in engine that is run on a battery of 500W it is first charged thoroughly through a DC source and then using an earth magnet feature is run. It is always recommended that whenever a person is on the E-Zip scooter that he/she should carry a chargeable battery pack so that just in case if the power runs out, he /she can complete the journey with the preceding source. The currie technologies electric scooter has alloy rims, safety brakes and runs on no more than 24 mph at the most which clearly indicates that a child in his teens can easily maneuver this particular vehicle.

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Another great feature of the E-zip 500 electric scooter is the handling of the vehicle. I for one found it very easy to maneuver the scooter as the embedded steering feature is very flexible and kids can easily control it. The next best thing that institutes this motor is its comfortable seat that can be duly adjusted as per the length of the user while the seat can also be completely replaced with any other one that is either custom made or is by the liking of the user. The range for this e-Zip E500 scooter is almost 8 miles or more appropriately 13 km in all and the scooter cannot over this limitation.

e-Zip E500 Electric Scooter Review

Even though the Currie Technologies E-zip E500 electric scooter is fundamentally highly accredited to be a successful vehicle even so there are certain reviews that have been of negative nature due to some unforeseen circumstances the user experience of the E-zip scooter have not been as good as some others. One of the major complains that most users have with the E-zip is that the scooter does not speed up to the required speed limit i.e. 24 mph but to fully get this kind of a result the user that is to be situated on the scooter need not be more than 56 lbs (pounds). The maximum speed of the scooter and the weight employed are inversely proportional to each other i.e. to say that if a more heavier person is to sit on the scooter then the scooter’s max speed will potentially reduce. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

To be fair and honest, E-zip 500 scooter is one of the best chargeable scooters ever created, it gives great value to your time and makes your ride filled with fun and innovations. Even though the E-zip has some negative reviews I personally think that E-zip scooter is a good reasonable deal at offer.


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Customer Reviews

Risha June 14th, 2012 (#)

I have one! It’s like the green one but without the gold and its more tursouiqe. I love it and I use it all the time. I’m 14 so I don’t have my licence yet, so when I go to my friends house (she lives close to me) I just ride my scooter there. Whenever I ride it and people are walking around my neighbourhood they will point at me and smile or something and I will just smile and zip away hahaha!

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